Why I Will Never, in a Million Billion Years, Support Donald Trump as President

My mother posted this on Facebook. While I had written about the need to understand the context of Trump’s support, she…well, she is much more direct.
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Understanding the World of Donald Trump

Though I do not believe him to be capable, or even a good person, I recognize the appeal Donald Trump holds for so many. After all, I came from the idealistic past America he so often depicted in his campaign.
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A Guide to Teaching at International Schools in Bangkok

With over 100 international schools in Bangkok, the city is a popular destinations for teachers, and can provide an excellent salary and standard of living.
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From STEM to STEAM: Defending the Arts in Education

The arts in education are under attack…again. Faced with faltering economies, ballooning deficits and stagnant job markets, governments around the world have again begun proposing budget cuts and reforms, all targeted toward eliminating music, visual art and drama in...
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You’re Not Just a Number

In the 1950s famed educational psychologist Benjamin Bloom proposed a classification of learning objectives that has since become one of the most influential theories in the education world. Identifying three domains—cognitive, affective and psychomotor—Bloom...
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Jared Kuruzovich

Jared Kuruzovich

International Education Branding & Strategy

Who Am I?

I grew up in a small town in Wisconsin, never suspecting I would later travel and live around the world. Learning in all its forms has become my passion, and over the past 10 years I have worked in international education as a teacher, leader and even a student.

I love what I do. As a creative, passionate educator and communicator, I strive to work with others in building positive learning communities within schools and other organizations. With a diverse background in technology, communications, education, research, marketing and leadership, as well as over 10 years of professional experience in high-level positions, I draw upon a very broad mix of skills in helping organizations identify ways to continue growing and improving.

I am available for consulting opportunities, serving on panels and committees, and professional collaboration.

Connect with Me


Director of Communications

2014 – Present

Vice Head of School

2008 – 2013

2007 – 2008: Director, English Village in Ansan

2005 – 2007: Head Teacher, Herald School

2002 – 2005: Department Head, Barnes & Noble


Master of Business Administration | 2013

Master of Education in International Teaching | 2010

Bachelor of Arts in English | 2003

Knowledge Base

International education, instruction & leadership


Writing, editing, & qualitative and quantitative research


Strategic communications, branding, marketing & PR

Web development, content creation, graphic design & SEO

Tech Skills


Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator






Google Apps


[Jared] is well versed in the international school arena…and has been instrumental in many of the positive advancements that have occurred at Wells. In addition to his educational and leadership knowledge, Jared is very good at marketing and PR work. Janet Knoeppel

Accreditation Team Leader, Western Association of Schools & Colleges

As a caring and passionate leader, [Jared] always keeps a bigger picture in mind and finds a way to fit all the pieces of the corporate puzzle together in order to achieve a common goal. He has exceptional written and oral communication skills and a unique ability to adapt to…different cultural backgrounds.

Irina Eddaira

Director, EverClever Group

I’ve studied at more than five different schools in three different countries and I’ve never quite met a school admin as efficient, insightful, intellectual and hilarious as Mr. Jared…he works with passion and actively puts his mind into what he’s doing…

Gautham Giri

Student - Wells International School, Class of 2012

Jared was top of his class, truly an excellent student. His work was top notch, high attention to detail and foresight, excellent analytical skills, and also presentation skills. I highly recommend his work ethic and quality of work.

Randall Shannon

Statistical Research Professor, Webster University

Contact Me

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+66 (0)2 017 5888 ext. 1411